Lichaamstaal, praktijk voor holistische massage, Zoetermeer.

Massage is a wonderful way to relax and distance yourself from the daily grind. I massage from a holistic vision, I observe all facets of the human self – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The effect of my massages is not just a complete and total relaxation of the body, but also stimulates consciousness and a rediscovering of one's own personality. Essential in this is that clients act upon the effect of the massage themselves: by being conscious and getting in touch with their inner selves.

Is this something your recognize?

"I am busy " >>> I would like to have some time to myself

"I am tense " >>> I would like to experience new energy and feel relaxed.

"I mainly live inside my head " >>>> I want to feel and get in touch with my body

"I experience both physical and mental (di)stress ">>>> I want to feel good within my own skin

"I feel sad and /or lonely " >>>> I want to receive loving attention

Whether all of the above , or merely one of the above apply to you, a holistic massage, or loving touch, given with attention and respect, is a great way to relax and enjoy for everyone.

You are just one phonecall away from a holistic massage.

"When I massage you ...." will not only feel more physically relaxed, but also become more conscious and aware of yourself and your body.

....your mind and body will find a balance and you will feel energized.

... in time you will be able to prevent both certain physical pains and stress in general.

Mind your body
Experience it, and feel for yourself.

Tatiana Burgers, eigenaar en masseur bij Lichaamstaal - praktijk voor holistische massage en therapie, Zoetermeer.







Mamamassage helpt je lichaam sneller herstellen na je bevalling. Ook kan mamamassage klachten als vermoeiheid, spanning en hoofdpijn verminderen.

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Nek, schouders en rug...

... het lichaamsgebied waar spanning en stress zich graag nestelen. Mijn specialiteit: energetische rugmassage.
Ik help je graag je rug, nek en schouders weer ontspannen te voelen.

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